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embedded DevOps in the Internet of Things

Bluetooth Sensors in 5G Campus Network

Bluetooth Secure Sensor Beacon (SSV/SSB)

IoT-/AI-Retrofit for PLCs

Smart Factory Sensor: Individual Machine Learning Sensors

WSEI/154A: Wireless Sensor Edge Intelligence

MMA/160: HVAC system operation becomes transparent

MMA/160: Remote maintenance gets smart

IoT platform integration webinar

IoT retrofit SDK

Sensor MLS/160

Remote Maintenance Gateway RMG/941

Developing IoT gateways with design thinking

Data science components for machine data

Machine learning in the control cabinet

Embedded machine learning webinar

DNP/AISS1: Embedded machine learning

DNP/AISS1: AI-based sensors

Sensor networks with AI

IIoT retrofit with data analysis and forecast

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