IGW/922: VPN Remote Access Gateway with GPRS and UMTS

VPN Remote Access Gateway IGW/922

Via the IGW/922, any Ethernet-based devices, subsystems and automation components in control cabinets or complete subnetworks can be very easily integrated into a VPN (virtual private network). This enables completely secure remote access via the internet.

In addition, an IGW/922 offers extensive integrated security functions through SSL, SSH, TCP proxy server and a firewall, via which a local automation Ethernet network is secured externally. The two LAN interfaces completely isolate the device or LAN in question from external access.

Proxy Functions for FTP and Telnet

Apart from the HTTP access, any other TCP server as well as the Telnet and FTP accesses of automation modules can also be protected externally via an IGW/922. In that case, external access is only possible via SSH or VPN tunnel. The implementation for the local servers is done in the IGW/922. A web-based user interface is available for the configuration of all software functions.

Use as GPRS or UMTS/HSPA Router

Optionally, an IGW/922 with integrated GSM/GPRS (IGW/922-G) or UMTS/HSPA (IGW/922-U) modem is also available. The required antenna is connected to the front of the housing via an SMA RF connector. The SIM card slot is located inside the housing.

Use as Modem Emulator

Telecommunications providers are gradually converting their networks to completely IP-based services (All-IP). The Deutsche Telekom, for example, wants to switch all lines to ALL-IP by the end of 2018, at the latest. This means the end for ISDN, CSD and analog telephony.

In the future, M2M communication via classic dial-up connecion will then no longer be possible. But, with the IGW/922-MOE modem emulator, existing industrial plants can continue to operate without any problems for the next few years - without any changes to the controllers!

Learn more about All-IP and modem emulators (German).

ADNP/9200 as Embedded Engine

The heart of the IGW/922 is the DIL/NetPC ADNP/9200 with 32-bit ARM9 processor and a clock frequency of 180 MHz. Through the embedded gateway Linux (kernel version 2.6 with special extensions) and the available GNU tools, own applications can be developed and added. Furthermore, the software functions can be supplemented by additional IP-based protocols.

IGW/922 Features

  • 32-bit ARM9-MCU @180 MHz
  • Linux OS with VPN and Firewall
  • 2x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet LAN
  • 1x RS232
  • 1x RS232 / RS485
  • 1x Real Time Clock
  • GSM / GPRS / UMTS / HSPA (IGW922-G o. -U)
  • WLAN (IGW922-W)
  • 11-28 VDC supply voltage
  • DIN rail mounting
  • IEC 61850 protocol support (optional)
  • Security-tested by the SoftScheck GmbH


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